The 6 Month Complete Re-Styling Furniture Course
Starting 1st March 2018
Weekly Easy step by step video tutorials
 Detailed PDF's to print off
Daily interaction in our FB support group

Tutorials released every Thursday from the 1st of March 2018 !!
Giving you everything you need to know . From where to start, to creating the perfect finish.
 Course Content Listed Below
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 Tutorials every Thursday from the 1st March for 6 months!
Course Schedule Below :
                                                              Month 1: PREPARE TO START

                                                              Week 1. Gather up what you need &
                                                                               A close up on sanding
                                                              Week 2. A close up on cleaning  furniture
                                                              Week 3.  Priming. do we need to and if so , when.
                                                              Week 4.  Learn about bleed through &
                                                                                PDF notes for printing 

                                                                  Month 2 - PAINTING TECHNIQUES

                                                          Week 1. Lets talk paint &
                                                                           Hand painting for the perfect sprayed like finish
                                                          Week 2. Create the shabby distressed look when using chalk paint &
                                                                           Create the weather beaten look using paint and stains
                                                          Week 3. Colour washing & sample care sheet for commission painting
                                                          Week 4.PDF notes on all the lessons in module 2 &
                                                                          Bonus Tutorial : How to use crackle... in between two paints

                                                                  Month 3 - All about Staining

                                                        Week 1. Applying oil based stain and water based top coat part 1
                                                                        Applying oil based stain and water based top coat part 2
                                                        Week 2. Create the depth of colour of gel stains but with water based
                                                        Week 3. Removing wax and preparing wood for staining
                                                        Week 4. Water based stains on Pre Finished wood with
                                                                         Tom Monaghan of General Finishes
                                                                         & PDF notes for printing
                                                                         Bonus Tutorial.  Toning and Refreshing with stain

                                                                Month 4- Mouldings, Gilding Waxes, Book Artistry

                                                        Week 1. Applying and Painting Moulings part 1
                                                                        Applying and Painting Mouldings part 2
                                                        Week 2. Book Artistry using latex moulidngs and gilding waxes
                                                                         Book Artistry part 2
                                                         Week 3. Antiquing a frame with gilding waxes
                                                         Week 4. Gold Leaf Application &
                                                                          PDF notes to download and print

                                                                    Month 5-
Decoupage, everything you need to know

                                                         Week 1. Create a tissue box holder with decoupage
                                                                          Back to basics, brush on decoupage and how to teach it !
                                                         Week 2. Iron on decoupage using a full napkin
                                                                          The Pitfalls
                                                         Week 3. Decoupage on Jute/Hessian
                                                                           Fabric decoupage
                                                         Week 4. Advanced Decoupage using 1 step crackle
                                                                          Advanced Decoupage using 2 step crackle
                                                                          PDF notes to download and print

                                                          Month 6-Stenciling, Pearl effects ,Gold Leaf and More

                                                         Week 1. Using pearl effects and wallpaper
                                                         Week 2. Gold Leaf application
                                                         Week 3. A detailed look at stenciling
                                                         Week 4. Example of staining over paint as an aging effect.
                                                          PDF notes on module 6

                             Bonus Tutorial on Rustic Sign making using Layer painting and Typography

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